Sealed Insulated Glass

With ever-rising energy costs, sealed insulating glass units are essential to any building. By trapping a layer of dry air between two glass panes, thermal resistance is naturally increased and heating and cooling costs reduced. Insul-Therm® sealed insulating glass units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass, separated by a metal spacer to which they are bonded, with a primary seal, and a silicone or polysulphide secondary seal. The resultant air chamber formed is then dehydrated
Reduced heat loss in winter, reduced cooling load in summer.
Increased Living Space - Insul-Therm® SIGUs eliminate cold spots and draughts in a room, associated with single glazing, thus ensuring all the room space is useable. Because insul-Therm® SIGUs are now available with a similar insulation value as a brick wall, floor to ceiling double glazing is now a viable option.

Condensation Eliminated - The tremendous insulating properties of the dehydrated air in the Insul-Therm® SIGUs ensure the inner pane is at virtually the same temperature as the room, thus largely eliminating condensation.

Reduced Noise Levels - Generally, Insul-Therm® SIGUs offer approximately 20 - 30% 
improvement in sound control over a single glazed window.