Laminated Safety Glass

(Vandal and Burglar resistance). High penetration resistance (HPR) should be utilised where some form of protection against bomb blasts is required. 

Fade Control - VISTALAM™ PVB laminated glass can eliminate up to 99% of ultraviolet in the range 300 - 400mm.
Sound - Normal strength laminated glass provides better sound control than monolithic glass of the same thickness, as the visco-elastic properties of the polyvinyl interlayer provide a dampening effect on the transmission of sound waves.

Solar Control - A laminated glass with either a tinted interlayer or a reflective coating will, depending on the density, substantially reduce incoming solar radiation, thus reducing air conditioning loads and subsequent running costs.


•  Bullet-resisting glass
•  Underwater observation windows
•  Hurricane resistance glass
•  Glass floors and walkways