Float Glass

Although float glass is not a safety glazing product, it can be laminated or toughened, thus allowing it to comply with national building regulations.

Float glass is available in clear or tinted, i.e. bronze, grey or green, in various thicknesses. The colour density obviously changes as the thickness either increases or decreases, due to the colour being within the actual body of the glass - for the various thicknesses available.
Solar Control - When tinted float glass is used, depending on the thickness and colour chosen, the ingress of solar radiation into the building will be reduced, thereby making the interior more comfortable than it would have been if clear float glass had been used.

Safety - Monolithic float glass is not a safety glass but may be toughened or laminated so as to allow it to comply with the national building regulations.

Fire Retardation - Monolithic float glass has no fire rating.

Security - Monolithic float glass offers no security from a breaking and entering scenario.

Sound Control - Monolithic float glass offers limited sound reduction.